7:00pm Meet and greet
7:15pm News / Current Events
7:30pm Running a fully validating bitcoin full node

In this discussion, we will

  • Take a look at what it takes to run bitcoin core, the most critical software in the bitcoin ecosystem that allows you to audit the entire transaction history of bitcoin and ensure that there is indeed a finite amount of bitcoin that will ever exist.
  • Learn basic hardware requirements like CPU, RAM, disk space, and networking bandwidth.
  • See the graphical wallet interface in bitcoin core, as well as the command line interface.
  • Learn about peer connections.
  • Look at what is contained in a bitcoin "block" and what transactions look like in bitcoin core's database.
  • Touch on fee markets and what the mempool is.
  • Discuss what is "replace by fee" and what is "child pays for parent".
  • See what kind of configuration options bitcoin core has.
  • Discuss the importance of software integrity.
  • Mention several easy to use home server operating systems that come with bitcoin core built in.
  • Understand why most wallets rely on the electrum server and protocol in addition to bitcoin core.

9:00pm Close


The event is hosted at McCarthy Stevenot Agency, Inc:

209 Main St
Milford, OH 45150
(Looks like an art gallery and has old trains in the front window).