7:00pm Meet and greet
7:15pm News / Current Events
7:30pm Part 1: Installing Umbrel, Start9, and Raspiblitz

At this meeting, we will:

  • Look at these three popular self-hosted server operating systems using three different computers.
  • Download the system image file for each.
  • Transfer the image to each computer's disk. We'll use both a standard Raspberry Pi 4 with an SD card as well as a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 with onboard storage.
  • Boot each computer and go through the initial setup process.
  • Take a look at the user interface of each operating system.
  • See the initial Bitcoin blockchain download start on each computer.

9:00pm Close


The event is hosted at McCarthy Stevenot Agency, Inc:

209 Main St
Milford, OH 45150
(Looks like an art gallery and has old trains in the front window).